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Engineering Office in Chicago


The Project
As a facility build-out, this project included several different rooms created with the end-users in mind: trainers, directors, executives and IT professionals. The main area of work involved the installation of a 3 x 6 video wall (network operations center or NOC). The NOC sits adjacent to the War Room which contains a projector and screen, and operates via the projector and satellite IR remotes. Other rooms involved in this included 4 small offices, a video conferencing room, a divisible training room, as well as directors' offices, small conference rooms and a cafe break out room.

The Requirements
One of the biggest challenges to this project was working with recommendations from a Consultant - within the client's budget. The initial proposal from the Consultant far exceeded the client's work- able budget, which meant that several modifications had to be made to the initial scope of work while maintaining the desired functionality of the system. According to the Project Manager of this facility, "The biggest challenge was trying to make the Consultants ideas work within a realistic budget." He continues, "The reason we went with ITG is their value-engineering. They were able to take what the Consultant gave us, and come back with a solution that was comparable or better - for less money, yet still maintain the quality that we needed."

The Results
The NOC is beautiful: a 3 x 6 video wall lined in wooden panels. To achieve this, every seam had to be drawn out so that the seams of the monitors lined up with the wooden panels. That, in itself, was a major endeavor between ITG and the millwork company. The facility build-out was a huge success with technology and functionality that will not only assist in workflow efficiency, but also help in controlling costs now and in the near future.

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