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The Project
Change. A very operative word in describing NAVVIS & Company, a national healthcare management consultancy focused on one goal -- to help leading health systems gain a sustainable competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. Most recently they underwent some of their own changes when they brought Innovative Technology Group (ITG) in to design a new conference room and upgrade their videoconferencing suite.

The Rooms
The large conference room is a beautiful, glass encased boardroom with a custom-made u-shaped table and ceiling tiles staggered in three, overlapping layers. A Panasonic PTDW6300US suspends from the ceiling lift all controlled by a Crestron® touch panel. Located near the touch panel is an electric podium residing at the end of the table, allowing for different presentation styles if required. One of the biggest challenges in this room was incorporating the technology into the custom wood tile ceiling and table.

NAVVIS wasn't looking to spend more money on a new video conferencing system, so ITG had to integrate their lighting proposal into the old design. Some of the changes included installing a Lutron Lighting panel and control system. Good video conferencing involves lighting the participants for good video. The curve of the Lutron lighting panels limit the variation in light level enough to allow the camera to reproduce a full range of light and shadow in the picture, ultimately eliminating a "flat" looking participant with no depth. Additionally, NAVVIS didn't want to integrate new microphones into their table in the videoconferencing suite. Instead, ITG provided them with a two-pod wireless conferencing phone.

The Results
NAVVIS & Company has embraced the change whole-heartedly. According to Jeff Miller, Executive Vice President and CIO of NAVVIS & Company, "Innovative Technology Group worked at great lengths to meet our budget and exceed our expectations. They successfully managed to deliver on both."

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