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Unified Communications

Unified Communications
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Unified Communications


Unified communications helps you meet your challenges in this demanding economic climate. By combining all of your communications into a single, manageable interface, unified communications simplifies the way you share information and improves collaboration both within your organization and with customers, partners and suppliers.

By enabling greater responsiveness and delivering higher levels of service at lower operating costs, Innovative Technology Group’s unified communications solutions approach will give you a competitive advantage. Faster decision-making will also allow you to take advantage of new business opportunities, expanding markets, mergers and acquisitions when they arise. In addition, by enhancing collaboration, unified communications will reduce your employees’ need to travel, using less energy and slashing your carbon footprint.

Our unified communications systems integrate with your existing network to deliver a range of applications, including:

  • UC Application: integrates with your communications infrastructure to enable presence and real-time unified communications;
  • Video - add HD video, desktop PC video and presence to your unified communications environment;
  • Mobility: stay in touch on the move over WLAN and GSM networks with a single device and mailbox;
  • Messaging: manage all messages from virtually any communications device;

ITG UC solutions focus open standards to ensure our unified communications systems integrate seamlessly with other applications and communications platforms. This approach not only simplifies initial implementation and deployment, it also safeguards financial investment by enabling further expansion and integration to all future capabilities. Also, it makes them easier to use, driving user adoption and maximizing ROI.

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