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Traditionally, videoconferencing has been used for a wide range of businesses, government agencies, and distance learning applications in schools. With the advancement of networks and the need for real time collaboration, videoconferencing has made its way into a variety of markets:

First Responders-Mobile video systems enable fire, police, and EMT’s to relay vital info in real time.

Telemedicine-Doctors can speed decision making by consulting with specialists via video.

Banking and Financial Services-Banks can leverage specialists across the country to engage its customers via a video kiosk to discuss retirements, mortgages, education loans, etc.

Telejustice-The Legal industry uses video for arraignments, lawyers use video for depositions, judges can preside over distance courtrooms.

Telecommunters-Video communications enables team members to work from home and stay connected with their managers

So, why Videoconferencing? What’s the Payback?
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Increased security
  • Environmental protection
  • Better hiring decisions from deeper recruiting efforts
  • Higher employee retention due improved work/life balance
  • Higher employee satisfaction from faster decision making
  • Ability to use experts or team members in remote location easier
  • Opportunities to expand to a wider customer base
  • Improved ability to advance partnerships
  • Among others!

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